Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses

Multiway Dresses

Can’t find that perfect dress to flatter all of your bridesmaids? Don’t panic help is at hand!

We understand how difficult it is (so, you can put the plate down now), trying to find the perfect DREAM bridesmaid dress that not only suits each of your bridesmaids but pampers to each of their tastes is HARD WORK (we suggest you integrate hourly cake and champagne stops when bridesmaid dress shopping…ya know, to keep up your strength).

The arrival of the multiway wrap dress is therefore GENIUS (and has potentally saved many a bridesmaid/bride relationship since it’s invention *thank you*).

That said within this style there are now also things to consider. The first dress designed in this style was created from Jersey, not a very flattering fabric and if you have lumps and bumps there’s no escaping them. Jersey was made for supermodel types only! So for the rest of us whom do not want to feel self conscious, worry about supporting our assets (if you know what I mean) or be constantly pulling fabric down and into place because its got sticky the answer is ………….. chiffon!

The clever chaps at Angel B Bridesmaids have designed a superb dress to flatter all shapes and sizes as it multiway each bridesmaid can express her own unique style while confirming to the brides expectations of colour. Happy days!

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