What to expect from a virtual appointment

what is a virtual appointment?

Virtual bridal appointment

Virtual bridal appointments offer the care and expertise of an in-person experience with a consultant on hand.

You deserve everything, you deserve the best experience and the best story because you are in the middle of the most full and beautiful and colorful points of love that you ever experienced.

We don’t want you to settle for less than the experience you should have, which is why virtual appointments are becoming increasingly important when you physically can’t go into stores.

The first step is usually an introductory call between you the bride and myself, Sara. You get to share your vision for the day, the venue, the things that are important to you and we get to share in your passion and excitement. Next, we will call you through FaceTime or Zoom from our boutique and physically walk you through the boutique. We discuss the styles you love and anything else you need to know.

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We can show you what dresses look like in reality, how they might encumber you when you walk, and what alterations could be made.We may even dress our manniquins in the dresses, giving you an idea of how the dress would look. You select your shortlist and after saying our goodbyes we send all the favourites over in an email to you.

We have now added to this service your ability to bring gowns home to try them on

So how does this work?

After going through the virtual appointment, you will have chosen three to five gowns you want to physically try on.

Every gown you loan you pay £100 for and all bar £100 of this is refunded once the dresses are safely returned. So if you loan 4 dresses you pay £400 and when all are returned £300 is refunded. Collection is through a no-touch pickup where you pick the dresses up and try them on in your home, there is a contract to sign of course and this would be sent and signed before the collection. We can also arrange for a courier service depending where you live and we can quote you for that service too.

While you are home we zoom in to see you or FaceTime while you are trying them on. We can talk through the fit and styling tips and hear your loves and likes. Your family can be there in person (if they live with you) or they can join the call and share you excitement. Trying on at home is relaxed and easy and you can go at your own pace, take as many photo’s as you wish. The dresses should be returned within 24 hours. Any gowns returned damaged will be charged to the bride upon inspection. They will be photographed before collection and on return. Any dresses returned damaged we will retain the deposits.



When you deicde on the one, we will then instruct you on how to measure yourself, once the gowns are returned any differences in cost will either be refunded or charged to your card. Your card details are kept securely on file until the dress has been ordered.

If no dress is selected then deposits are refunded minus a £120 appointment fee. If you follow up with a second appointment to the boutique the appointment fee is non refundable.

For your peace of mind when dresses are returned they are all disinfected and steamed to a very high temperature to remove any bacteria and viruses.

Any questions please get in touch. Ready to go ahead then head over to book an appointment. We can’t wait to talk dresses with you.

Sara xoxo